How to Build a Winning Performance Plate

By Sarah Heckler, Dietitian & Sports Nutritionist

Looking for that performance edge? What goes on your plate should be based on your training needs. Everyone’s unique, but here’s a general idea of how to build a winning performance plate based on your training:

Easy Training/Weight Management Performance Plate

The picture above depicts a plate for an easy training or recovery day. This is also a good example of a general dinner plate. Half of the plate is filled with fruits and vegetables, which provide antioxidants and minerals for recovery. The other half of the plate is filled with complex carbohydrates and lean proteins.


Moderate Training Performance Plate

For moderate training days, focus on splitting your plate evenly with complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and lean protein.


Hard Training/Game Day Performance Plate

During hard training or game day make half your plate complex carbohydrates to provide you with fuel for later on and to aid in hydration status. Continue to have good sources of lean protein and fruits and vegetables, which will occupy the remaining half of your plate.

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