Becoming a Real Triathlete: David’s Story

It’s been quite an awesome year witnessing David’s transformation from a doubtful, frustrated guy to a confident, strong and competitive triathlete. This guy has drive and talent and was able to overcome some mental barriers to be able to finish his first half ironman. In fact, he just PR’ed a half marathon last weekend. Don’t be surprised if this guy whizzes by you like you’re standing still!

What made you look for The Endurance Edge services? What were you trying to accomplish from the start?

I had been competing in running events, duathlons and a few sprint triathlons over the last few years, but I really wanted to become a “real” triathlete. After speaking with a few of my friends that were accomplished triathletes they told me that a coach was a great investment in becoming a better triathlete so I decided to investigate coaches. I researched many of the local coaches to determine who best fit my needs and goals.

To be honest, when I started this search I knew I had two main goals: 1-lose weight with better nutrition and 2-become a swimmer, probably not most aspiring triathlete’s priorities, right? After completing my research and meeting with Chris, I knew that The Endurance Edge was the right place for me because they offered a wide variety of services, including real nutritionists, that would be beneficial to me and my goals.

David on his way to a podium finish

Did you hit any roadblocks during the process of working with us? If so, how did that change your approach, mindset or goals?

Of course, I hit road blocks. But I expected that because I had aggressive goals for weight loss, compounded with training, which were not adding up to my desired objectives. I am a big guy who has always fought weight issues.

Over the years I have tried every diet and nutrition approach out there with varying degrees of success. When I first met with Chris, I had been following a vegetarian diet for almost a year and had gained 15 pounds. Chris spent countless hours with me trying to help me understand what nutritional approach would work for me, my goals and in the beginning, my crazy work-travel schedule. Nutrition is still a work in progress today, but now that the intense training and race session is coming to close, I have placed a higher emphasis on weight loss and nutrition.

What is the best part of your experience with The Endurance Edge?

The people, by far, have been the best part of the experience. Everyone at EE has always been right there to keep me focused, fix me after going too hard in training, or just keep me motivated to continue the journey.

The other big thing for me was Chris never doubted my ability and always reminded me that I had the physical ability to accomplish anything, but I had to believe I could do it and remove all doubt. In the end, Chris’ confidence in me helped me overcome my doubts about my swimming capabilities five days before IMNC 70.3. I truly could not have asked for a better group of people FRIENDS to help me achieve the completion of my first half Ironman and all the other accomplishments that I have had during the 2017 racing session.

David after finishing Ironman NC 70.3!

What are some of the lessons or concepts that stuck with you most?

I think the biggest lesson that I have taken away to this point is that nutrition is a hard to master and it takes time, desire and patience, which I am not known to have, to make it successful. And that weight loss, while it seems like an easily achievable goal, can sometimes, most times, be the most frustrating activity one can undertake.

What would you like to accomplish next?

For 2018, I look forward to continual improvement on my path to becoming a better triathlete. I want to do more sprints and maybe, wife permitting, do a couple of half Ironmans. Surprisingly, after not liking swimming when this crazy adventure started, I am even considering some open water swim races next year. Maybe 2019 will hold a full Ironman, but we will just have to wait and see.

David, great job on all your accomplishments this year! Our team can’t wait to see what bling you bring home in 2018!