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Sarah Zumbrum: Trusting the Process

By Coach Chris Newport, MS, RDN, LDN, CISSN, EP-C

We love working with Sarah Zumbrum…


Not only is she a talented, driven and focused athlete, but she keeps our team engaged in her care. Sometimes people think that by hiring a coach, massage therapist or other professional, you’ll magically be “fixed” or “perfect.” Instead, Sarah knows that her success is contingent upon her communication with us as well as her hard work. And let me tell you, she works hard. As a busy professional, frequently traveling all over the country for work, we have to be creative and flexible in order to help her reach her goals.

Read more about her story below…

Sarah Zumbrum Ironman

What made you look for The Endurance Edge services? What were you trying to accomplish from the start?

Back in 2014 I had planned to run the Raleigh Rock n Roll full marathon as it was to be held on my 33rd birthday and raise money for The V Foundation. I saw a notice through WheelChix that Chris (with Endurance NEWtrition at the time) had a training group for the half marathon, so I inquired about training for a full marathon (as I had more failed marathons than completed in my race portfolio). Then I danced with fear by completing a full Ironman later that year, as that had been my goal for about 10 years.

I knew to be successful I needed accountability…and the rest is history!

Did you hit any roadblocks during the process of working with us? If so, how did that change your approach, mindset or goals?

I had an intense shoulder surgery last December that took me out of biking and swimming for a few months. I kept my mind focused on running instead and healing. I had no delusions of being 18 again and healing in a month.

Between frequent visits to Sheri for fixing the overworked muscles, mobility, and occasional migraine relief and Jon for shoulder rehab, I’m a year out and have zero pain or limitations. I’m throwing again and can hold myself up on the bar overhand or underhand! I’m currently hitting a medical roadblock that is presenting mental and physical issues. I’m not handling it the best but I have a group of positive people surrounding me that make me laugh while going through the requisite tests.

What is the best part of your experience with The Endurance Edge?

The camaraderie of the staff and the athletes. I consider both groups friends and that makes things just…fun. We can melt together on the hottest 70.3 out there and still go for lunch afterwards and laugh about how much we stink. That’s what makes you get past the hard times and tough races.

What are some of the lessons or concepts that stuck with you most?

Just trust the process. At times it is slow, may seem too easy, may seem too tough, may be boring, but there is a method to the madness. Be patient with the training and be patient with yourself.

What would you like to accomplish next?

A healthy body so I can compete once again and become a USA Triathlon All American (I don’t do small goals).

You rock, Sarah! #BeTheStorm

Check out our blog after Sarah’s Beach2Battleship iron distance triathlon.

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