Chris is a very knowledgeable nutritionist with a great scientific background. I learned about macronutrients, how to adjust my eating with running and training for a half marathon, as well as supplements that are right for me and food options as a vegetarian.


I completed IMWI (Ironman Wisconsin) this past weekend and wanted to thank you!  I utilized the Infinit bike and run mix that you formulated after my sweat test and both worked flawlessly!

Thank you!


Just wanted to drop a note and say that the work Jon did for me the past 2 weeks was great, and I was able to run relatively free of pain yesterday in my 8 mile Spartan race. I was very nervous last week leading up to the gun time, but it all worked out.

Thanks for the help, Jon!

Jeff Smith

I loved having Chris to help guide me the whole way. Working with her helped to keep me accountable and she made me feel like my questions and concerns were heard. She was very knowledgeable and was able to break things down for me to understand. She was like having my own personal cheerleader and that meant a lot to me.

Knowing what my body needs throughout the day for nutrition is something that has stuck with me months after completing my program with Chris. I have closely followed the proportions for what I need for proteins, fats, and carbs and have been able to sustain my progress that I’ve made in the program.

I’ve also learned the valuable lessons about how I should fuel before, during, and after races so I can reach optimal performance.

Katie P

I just wanted to send you a quick update on how things are going with the Infinit drink we had made after my  testing. Well, I can say that between the drink and the extra salt (pink Himalayan) I’ve been eating during my long runs things have been great. I just ran the Myrtle Beach Marathon yesterday trying to qualify for Boston in 2018 after the poor dehydration performances at Boston and NY in 2016.

I kept to my strategy of eating some salt every 3 miles and a Gu every 5 miles. Because I got my 2nd water bottle a littler earlier than anticipated I ran out with a few miles to go, but at that stage it didn’t matter too much. I ended up running a PR of 2:58:16 and qualifying for Boston 2018. It was the best I’ve felt during and directly after a marathon ever. A few days later I’m sore, but not anything close to how I’ve felt in the past. I can really tell this hydration strategy worked.

I just wanted to thank you for your help and let you know things worked out.


So, honestly… I’m in amazement.  I did push-ups last night and was so excited to do them pain free that I just kept doing them.  I did another 20 this morning to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Granted, I’m still modifying them because I’m probably still scared to put full weight on it, HOWEVER I haven’t been able to get as low as I did last night in at least 3 or 4 years. THANK YOU, Sheri!


When you belong to a tennis club, members dealing with an assortment of injuries frequently seek advice on the selection of a physical therapist.

Without hesitation, I respond “Jon Paryz. He’s my physical therapist and I would follow him to the ends of the earth!”

The qualities I’ve learned to appreciate most include Jon’s clinical expertise; his ability to explain anatomy and physiology without condescension; his willingness and capacity to listen; his sense of humor; and his unwavering support while helping me reach my goal of returning to tennis again…

Every time I set foot on a court I am grateful to Jon and to my surgeon for the opportunity to continue playing the sport that I love.

Barb Kelley

Wanted to share some good news with you. I competed in the White Lake Half this past weekend. Finished 24 out of 138 men in 5 hours 27 minutes.  It was a hot day like Raleigh. While others were wilting on the run I clipped a steady 8.5 minute pace passing many.

Your nutrition and hydration advice, sweat analysis and zone testing really help get things dialed in. That custom Infinti drink rocks!

Thank you so much!

Jason Ward

I wanted to say THANK YOU for all your help in preparing for the Boston Marathon!  I followed your nutritional advice to a T, and while others were fading away late in the race on a hot and windy day, I was coming on strong!  Thank you so much for your expertise and guidance.  My goal was to break 3:30, and I finished in a 3:28!


Thanks for the support this year as it has resulted in my strongest fall to date: PRs in the mile (by 19 seconds!), marathon (by over 14 minutes!), and now half marathon (by 3 mins!).

Thanks the Tues and Thurs coached run sessions! Early mornings have paid off.


There is such a difference in my running the day or two after getting bodywork from Sheri. SUCH a difference. I could have ran alllllll afternoon.


I had tried everything to get my cholesterol down including a vegetarian diet and Lipitor.  Nothing worked except maybe the Lipitor which made me sick so that wasn’t an option.  You suggested cutting the carbs.  So, while I wouldn’t say I’m on a low carb diet, I reduced my breads, sweets, and wine, and dropped my total count almost 50 points and my LDL by ~40.  Not a bad start. Thought I’d share my N=1 experience.  Thanks for the suggestion.


I first met Sheri in December 2014 after I had a severe episode of occipital neuralgia that was extremely challenging to resolve medically with steroid injections.  Having a history of migraines, my neurologist suggested to get regular massage therapy sessions to help with the pain and the relaxation of the muscles around my neck.

After my first session, I noticed a significant difference.  I began to schedule monthly sessions and after 5 months, the pain nearly resolved.

Now, I keep monthly visits to keep things in check.  During each visit, Sheri takes the time to listen attentively and compassionately at the start of every session to ensure the treatment is tailored to your concerns.

Additionally,  my migraines have also improved to the point that I refill my migraine medicine every 8 weeks instead of every 4 weeks.   I am very happy I listened to my neurologist and that I met Sheri!


I lived for years with shoulder pain from a couple of frozen shoulders caused by my line of work. Never really being a ‘pill guy’, I figured I would just live with the pain. That was until my wife introduced me to Sheri.

From her kind demeanor to her caring personality, and from her impeccable professionalism to her attention to detail through the personalization of my massage to fit my needs; I have never been so free of the pains that have ailed me for years. I’m proud to be a regular, and my shoulders thank me every…single…day.

The Everyday Athlete Matters

2 years ago my fitness was floundering, lacking in direction and goals. Today I proudly call myself an Ironman finisher. Coach Newport has provided me with the necessary tools and guidance to stay focused and realize that the possibilities are endless. Thank you Sensei!

The Everyday Athlete Matters

Chris is amazing! Her training plans guarantee results & I was able to reach several goals while working with her.

Not only did she help me place 1st in my age group during a triathlon, but she helped me get over my fear of open water swimming in a large pack of people.  She was also excellent about checking in with me regularly throughout my training to cheer me on, listen to my concerns, and really just coach and guide me to being the best I could be.

The Everyday Athlete Matters

Chris has trained me for several races, but this was the hardest as I was determined to do a time and distance that I honestly just don’t like. She kept me training, she kept me running, she kept me laughing with red tube tops. If you need a fitness coach or nutritional guidance; she is awesome! But, to me, she is my friend who believes in me and I love her! Thank you, Chris!